Artist reflection

As a watercolorist, sound healing artist and master certified life and executive coach, my aim is to connect people to that innate sense of creativity, peace and calm that is always accessible deep within the heart.

Painting allows me to access this sacred space for myself and share it with others.

Deeply inspired by the landscapes in nature, my intention is to capture the feeling of the beauty of the natural world to lighten and awaken our hearts to the deep peace and beauty that is accessible within all of us.

Thank you for visiting my online gallery and I hope that this brief pause has brought you some calm in your day and reminded you of the beauty that surrounds you always.

“When we awaken to the call of beauty, we become aware of new ways of being in the world. We were created to be creators. At it's deepest heart, creativity is meant to serve and evoke beauty.

Beauty is the homeland of the heart. When it can dwell in beauty the heart is home. The human heart is the masterpiece of the primal artist.”
- John O'Donohue, -The Invisible Embrace of Beauty

me painting.jpg